Who we are

 […] They talk about an eccentric place in the Mediterranean Sea; a peninsula between two seas, that has become land of landings and Saints: Greek and Byzantine land, Spanish and Bourbon as well, archaic and modern, a place of vertigo and unmistakable flavours. A place made of other “absolute” places, full of archetypes. Where bread is as grey as karst rocks. Women in the sun are like silk threads. Men, in the evenings, are poets and they sing.




Faresalento Holiday Farm is a project born in 2005 coming from an idea of Pierantonio e Debora Rosi, after the purchase of a olive grove in Gallipoli’s countryside.

The Holiday Farm was open in July, 2014.

Sebastiano Cataldi, a true salentino, takes care of the land and the maintenance of the holiday farm and of the housing units.

Pierantonio Rosi

Pierantonio Rosi is a dentist specialized in oral surgery; he was born in Brescia in 1954.
He graduated in Medical Sciences and Surgery in 1979 and in 1982 he specialized in in anesthesia and intensive care. He practises the profession of anesthetist and resuscitator at Ospedale dei Bambini Umberto I in Brescia, where he worked until 1986.
In 1984 Pierantonio opened in Brescia one of the first dental offices for children in Italy.
He became also professor of orthodontics and implantology at University of Cagliari, and right now, he is still practising in Brescia and Desenzano del Garda.
Summer 2005, after a holiday in Greece, he arrived in Salento with his wife Debora and after a few months, they decided to buy a small olive trees plot, in Gallipoli’s countryside.
Faresalento project was born later, from the desire of the couple to move to the South of Italy to start a complex business based on rural hospitality, agro-medical research and the development of ideas and projects that could add and take values from a pure and fertile natural land, cosy and naturally looking forward.
Pierantonio based his profession on the study and the research that, especially in the last years, has been focused on nutrition and the effects of food on the human being.
Debora Bornazzini Rosi

Debora Bornazzini Rosi

Debora Bornazzini Rosi, was born in Turin in 1971.
After 21 years of activity in the editorial world, starting as librarian and later working as sales agent for several publishing houses, in 2009 she leaves her job to lead the marketing area of her husband medical practice and to resume the studies in law.
In 2005, together with Pierantonio, after a holiday in Salento, she bought a small olive grove near Gallipoli.
Their love for the South of Italy, for nature, sea and rural life, brought Debora and Pierantonio to think and develope the idea that Faresalento is not just a project of rural hospitality, but a full box of ideas and projects naturally looking forward, like the stunning Salento peninsula.
Administrator of the farming society, she is especially in charge for marketing, communication and management.
Sebastiano Cataldi Faresalento

Sebastiano Cataldi

Sebastiano Cataldi was born in Switzerland in1971, from Salento parents.
He came back to Salento when he was a child with his family; now he’s married and father of two children, he dedicates himself to different activities until 2011, when he met Debora and Pierantonio.
Sebastiano became involved in Faresalento project, and becomes the main actor of it.
Sebastiano takes care with knowledge and passion of the olive trees and the oil production, of the ground maintenance and of the olive trees pruning. In summer he works especially with guests, welcoming them, and prepares their breakfast.
Very careful about the evolution of agricultural techniques, he took part to an intensive olive trees' pruning course and to oil tasting kept by ATERPOL in 2012.
Cinzia Parata Faresalento

Cinzia Parata

Cinzia was born in Switzerland in 1975, but at the age of two, she came back to Salento with her parents.
She started very young to work as dressmaker in a clothing company, but the desire to live close to people brings her to become bartender, job that she loves and gives her many satisfactions.
In 2017 she got in touch with Faresalento and in August she became part of the staff. Cinzia takes care of the guests accommodations with attention and professionality, she is even responsible of the laundry and ironing service.
She’s mother of two beautiful boys and loves spending her spare time in Salento’s countryside.

Dario D'Aprile

Dario was born in the province of Lecce in 1992. Before and during his University studies he dedicates himself to several jobs in the context of restoration, retail and tourism, acquiring experience on site and abroad. After the graduation in foreign languages in 2018, he becomes part of FARESALENTO staff.
Pushed by typical values of Salento's lifestyle, among which hospitality and politeness, he is a receptionist and takes care of customers, making sure that every stay becomes an unforgettable experience.


Faresalento Holiday Farm has two suites of 30sm and two comfort rooms.


Faresalento Holiday Farm has a manor house and three apartments, 2 two-room flats and a three-room flat.